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Founder/ President

Kriti Iyer is a junior at Irvington High School who is greatly interested in many different fields of science. This passion for science started at a very young age, when Kriti was first introduced to a microscope and discovered a variety of cells. Her leadership role at Science Explorers has helped her develop a deep passion for different fields within science, and be able to teach kids about interesting phenomena. As a part of her work for Science Explorers, in 2017 she raised funds, conducted science experiments, and donated personal hygiene kits for a children's shelter during her visit to South Africa. She has participated in competitions such as Odyssey of the Mind and Science Olympiad at the California State Level. Kriti is also an established Bharatanatyam dancer, and is a Brown Belt in Karate. 

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Vice President

Anika Tiwari is a junior at the Harker School in San Jose. She loves teaching science because it helps kids become excited about new discoveries. She believes that the scientific method is incredibly important to know because it helps in all aspects of problem solving. Her favorite study of science is biology. Anika also plays water polo, and the flute in orchestra.  

Social Media Manager

Pranava Jana is a sophomore at Irvington High School who has a great interest in the various fields of science along with a bit of experience that fuels his interests. His interests mainly come from knowing that no matter how much we know, there will always be more to discover and learn. From past events such as Science Olympiad, Science Fair, and Science Clubs, he has learned many things beyond what his school teaches, and he is always looking to find more information on the topics he learns. Lastly, to spread his knowledge and interest others in the various fields of science, he loves teaching others and spreading his love for science.

Dharssheni Senthil Kumar

Dharssheni Senthil Kumar is a Freshman at American High School who is extremely interested in the myriad fields of science! Exploring the different aspects of science was a thought that was triggered at a very young age for her. Ever since then, her journey took off. By joining Science Olympiad she has experienced hands on experiments and learned how the world around her works. Her love to teach and spread her knowledge to others has found an amazing platform! 'Science Explorers!' has been a way she can stimulate others to love science as well. Watching young kids' eyes sparkle as the learn a new subject is what pushes her to go forward. And at the end of the day, Dharssheni loves to sit back and relax by writing her own novels and listening to her favorite musicians.

Anika Edara

Anika Edara is a freshman at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino. She was interested in science at young age and loves teaching it because it makes people excited and aware of the world around us. Since science is all around us, she believes that it is important. Apart from her passion of science, Anika also loves to play the guitar, dance, and read.

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We're a group of high school students from the Bay Area who are interested in bringing science education to students in different areas of the Bay Area who lack access to science classes or a science curriculum.

We teach experiments from 3 branches of science, and conduct classes and lessons in nearby libraries.

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